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Our society is progress rapidly in accompany with the development of science & technology, sophisticated and highly susceptible microprocessor based on electronics and data communication networks are created to serve people. However, lightning - an awesome natural phenomenon, always are threats to people, equipments and structures. 

ThyAn Engineering is one of the professional companies specialize in the prevention of lightning damaging effects at Vietnam and neighbor countries. We are a leader in Distribution, Installation, Maintenance, Consultancy and Designing  services, supervision of installation of system, measuring of lightning protection, grounding systems and transient voltage surge suppression technology.

Thyan with over ten years in operating, We have been high appreciated and recommended by our foreign and Vietnamese clients whom trust us by giving us more projects like telecomunication, broadcasting, networking system, finance banking, education, hospital, commercial office, factories, etc… because of the experienced engineers, skill staffs, their loyalty at work and the quality of work.

ThyAn provides high quality products to satisfy variety customer’s needs by choosing the world leading manufacturers like Alltec (USA), Aplicaciones Tecnologicas (Spain), Cylix (USA), Citel (France) in order to distribute and develop their products in the local market.

Along with our concern about high quality products, we are paying much attention on human resources. They are groups of  well - trained PhDs, engineers, experts and get experienced in the field. They work in the head office - HoChiMinh City and two branches in HaNoi Capital & Hue City. They always ready to serve customers immediately in any region of the country.

Our precept “the reliable products, the perfect services” to achieve superior customer satisfaction, the absolutely trust to deserve of customer’s concern and investment.

Official Distributor Certificate from APLICACIONES TECNOLOGICAS

Authorized Distributor from CITEL 2cp and CYLIX CORPORATION


Authorized Dealer from ALLTEC 

Authorized Distributor from CHAUVIN ARNOUX


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