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Earthing / Grounding

Earthing Rods

AT-611 - Graphite Electrode

In rocky grounds of high resistivity, deep earthings are the most economic and effective in order to get an earthing resistance according to the standards. >>>>

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Aplirod - Dynamic Electrode

The absence of free ions in the surrounding soil damages the proper performance of the earthing. Dynamic Electrodes are based on the contribution of ions to the ground. >>>>

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Ground Enhancing Products



AT-10L - Conductiver Plus

CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a non-corrosive and ecological earthing conductivity improver gel. The  product is composed by a basic electrolyte, which  contributes to the conductive capacity of the compound, upgraded by other ingredients that help  the conductivity in an almost immediate way and complement the action of the basic electrolyte. >>>>

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TERRAFILL - Low-resistiVity Grounding backfill
TerraFill®  provides  a  simple method  to substantially  lower  the earth  resistance of grounding systems.   When used with copper  grounding  equipment,  this advanced  backill  lowers  the  contact resistance to earth by up to 63%. >>>>
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Exothermic Welding

APLIWELD - Exothermic welding
APLIWELD is a welding system that employs an exothermic reaction to obtain on-site, homogeneous connections among conductors.The procedure consists of fixing the conductors to be welded using a graphite mould. Welding mixture and starting powder are also placed inside this mould. >>>>
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Earth Bonding

AT-50K - Spark gap for earth bonding
All standards about electric and electronic installations recommend  to bond every  grounding, both general, lightning protection or any other earthing existing in the installation. This avoids resisti-ve couplings and derivations among groundings.  >>>>
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