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Test and measurement

Hand-held Test and Measurement Voltage Tester

  -  Hand-held Voltage Testers
  -  Analog and Digital Voltage Testers
  -  Residual Current Differentials Testers
  -  RMS Multimeter Clamps
  -  The Electrical Safety -  Equipment Testers
  -  Phase and/or Motor Rotation Testers

Measuring the quality of energy and network

  -  Power and Energy Loggers
  -  Testers the quality of your electrical installation.
  -  Solar Panel Testers


  -  Megohmeters insulation 500V with a measurement range 1000 Ω
  -  Megohmeters insulation 1000V with a measurement range 4000 Ω
  -  Megohmeters insulation 5000V with a measurement range 10000 Ω
  -  Megohmeters insulation 15kV with a measurement range 30000 Ω

Earth and Resistivity Testers

  -  Earth Testers
  -  Earth and Resistivity Testers
  -  Earth Clamps
  -  Testing for Leakage Currents and Isolation Faults
  -  Earth Resistance Testers & Electrical Installation Testers


Radiation Temperature Testers

  -  Thermographic Camera
  -  Contact Thermometers
  -  Non-Contact Thermometers

Physics Line

  -  Temperature Testers, Thermo-hygrometers, Thermo Anemometer, Humidity Indicator Thermo-

  -  Sound Level Meters and Lightmeters

Expert oscilloscopes, Generator and Multimeter

  -  Analog/Digital Oscilloscope-Analyzers
  -  Portable stand-alone Oscilloscopes Analyzer
  -  Generators - Frequencymeters
  -  Programable Controlled Power Supply
  -  Multimeter-Analyzer
  -  The Training Case for Electrical Installation

Radiofrequency and Mircowave Measurements

  -  Fieldmeters
  -  Directional Wattmeters


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