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Camera hồng ngoại đo bức xạ nhiệt CA1886

High performance at a competitive price

Camera hồng ngoại đo bức xạ nhiệt CA 1886 RayCAm cameras are ideal for preventive or predictive maintenance in the electrical, electronic and mechanical (industrial and tertiary) sectors, as well as for building inspections, education and engineering.
The new 3.5-inch screen is particularly easy to read and the RayCAm is still just as simple and comfortable to use.
The C.A 1886 is suitable for all measurements thanks to its temperature range up to 600°C. In performance terms, it offers a wide range of possibilities:

· Precise, real analysis allowing appropriate correction for the environment
· Storage of 1,000 radiometric images on MiniSD card
· Voice annotations possible with the Bluetooth system (option)
· The RayCAm Report software supplied can be used to analyse the measurements and create customized reports.
Technical specifications:

· Thermal sensitivity: 0.1°C
· Detector: 120x160
· Frequency: 50 Hz
· Spatial resolution: 2.2 mrad
· Spectral band: 7.5 to 14 mm
· Temperatures: –20°C to +600°Cemperatures: –20°C to +600°C, plus "High temperature" option
· MixVision mode for viewing the IR image, the real image and the overlay of the IR on the real image
· Analysis functions: 1 to 4 movable cursors
· 3.5-inch screen
· Leakproofing: IP 54
· Battery life: 3h minimum
· Interfaces: video output

                Hãng sản xuất Chauvin Arnoux, xuất xứ Pháp.

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