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Máy kiểm tra thiết bị điện DTR 8500

The DTR 8500 ratiometer is designed for on-site testing of power, voltage or current transformers.





Intended for energy suppliers (EDF, ENEL...), transformer manufacturers and maintenance and repair companies, the DTR 8500 is sturdy, reliable and safe and complies with standards

  • transformation ratio: 0.8000 to 1,500.0/1 with automatic range
  • simultaneous display of the transformation ratio, polarity and test current (0 to 1000mA)
  • continuity test
  • indication of short circuits in the windings or incorrect connections
  • self-calibration of the instrument each time it is used
  • large backlit alphanumeric display with adjustable contrast and display of error messages
  • double power supply: NiCd rechargeable battery and 230V or 115V mains
  • indication of battery charge level
  • sturdy, waterproof casing
  • complies with ANSI/IEEE standards
  • electrical safety: IEC 1010-1, Cat.III 300V
  • dimensions: 330x305x152mm; weight: 6.4kg
Hãng sản xuất Chauvin Arnoux, xuất xứ Pháp.
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