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Máy kiểm tra chiều quay động cơ CA6609

For installation, inspection and maintenance teams, Chauvin Arnoux offers the C.A 6609 phase rotation tester. This instrument is an essential tool for identifying the phase order on an electrical installation and the rotation direction of any industrial equipment connected to the installation. Identification of the phases ensures correct, safe wiring of the installations or motors, thus preventing damage to the equipment connected to the three-phase network

Máy kiểm tra chiều quay động cơ CA6608

 Máy kiểm tra chiều quay động cơ CA6608

The C.A 6609 can be used to quickly determine the phase order and detect any phase loss. It also includes additional dedicated functions for industrial equipment (motors, pumps, etc.):
- indication of the rotating field direction without connection
- determination of the connection direction of the phase wires
These various tests are carried out as soon as the cables are connected, for the phase order, and by simply pressing a button for industrial equipment testing. The results are indicated by LEDs which are easy to interpret.
Comprehensive and easy to use thanks to the colour-coding of the terminals and cables, this instrument is ideal for inspection and maintenance teams in industrial buildings. It is delivered with all the accessories needed for the various tests.
Functions and technical specifications:
- automatic testing as soon as the connections are set up
- indication of phase presence or absence
- determination if a motor's rotation direction with or without contact
- Operating voltage: 40 to 600 VAC between phases with connection / 120 to 400 VAC between phases without connection
- Frequency: 15 to 400 Hz
- Electrical safety: 600 V CAT III
- Dimensions/weight: 130x69x32mm / 130 g

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