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Thiết bị đo hiển thị dạng sóng MTX162

This communicating oscilloscope, includes a WiFi mode!
The economical MTX162 is connected directly to a PC.
With its ergonomic design, it is compact and simple to set up.
Offering high performance, it is particularly suitable for laboratory applications in education, research and development departments and electronics design teams, etc.
Communicating, compact, economical and simple to use, the new MTX162 oscilloscope includes all the performance and know-how usually associated with Metrix® oscilloscopes. Getting started is particularly easy: simply connect the oscilloscope to a PC after first installing the SCOPEin@BOX software. Alongside the USB and Ethernet communication modes with HTML server, one major new feature is the oscilloscope's ability to connect up to the PC via WiFi! In this way, users can benefit from all the PC's advantages in terms of:
- storage capacity (the capacity of the PC)
- display according to the PC's screen size (minimum resolution 1024x768)
- Windows environment (printing, standard files, etc.)
The large dimensions of the screen allow users to simultaneously display the signal, the measurements, the real-time FFT analysis, the XY mode, the commands, etc. As well as benefiting from more precise analysis of the curves, users can view all the information at a glance!
The MTX162 allows 2 types of display: normal or remanent. In remanent display mode, the oscilloscope stores the whole signal, with its history period by period, and can thus display a a trace in the same way as on an analogue oscilloscope.
The functions are accessible directly from the menus and the “Windows” toolbar, using keyboard shortcuts or the mouse.
Users control the oscilloscope with the "instrument" control panel containing all the standard oscilloscope commands.
Online help is also available.
When it is started up, the PC automatically detects all the instruments:
- connected to it via USB or the Ethernet network
- connected to the oscilloscope
The MTX 162 offers functions which are rare on this type of instrument: real-time FFT analyser (lin/log), recorder with dedicated ROLL mode simplifying adjustments, bandwidth limiters, 19 simultaneous automatic measurements with markers and cursors, etc.
It is also equipped with "Vertical Autorange" and "Horizontal Autorange" functions. Thanks to autoranging, users can work comfortably in "hands-free" mode. The oscilloscope automatically switches from one range to another according to the values measured, in order to refine the traces and offer the most accurate values possible.

Hãng sản xuất Chauvin Arnoux, xuất xứ Pháp.

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