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Thiết bị đo hiển thị dạng sóng MTX 3252

The latest additions to the MTX Compact family of laboratory instruments from Metrix, the MTX 3252 and MTX 3352 digital oscilloscopes show the same daring as their two precursors: the MTX 3250 benchtop multimeter and the MTX 3240 generator.
Centred on the user’s environment, their compact casing is equipped with a wide, orientable monochrome or colour LCD screen and provides a very large useful surface area
21 shortcut keys on the front offer direct access to the main functions. The instruments can also be controlled on the screen, using a mouse and "Windows-like" menus. A world first for this category, just like their Ethernet link (e-MTX models)!
The technological specifications of the MTX Compact are as good as its ergonomics, while the price remains really attractive!

  • 5"7 monochrome or colour LCD display
  • CCFL backlighting - 4 graphs + 4 references on screen
  • Bandwith 60-100MHz - 2 channels class 1- Cat II 300V
  • Sensitivity 25mV-100V/div + "Winzoom" vertical expansion
  • Sweep speed from 1ns to 200s/div.
  • Auto, Normal, One-Shot trigger - CH1, CH2, EXT, LINE
  • Max. sampling 20GS/s = repetitive;
  • 100MS/s = single shot
  • Capacity 50,000 points - 4 references + 4 graphs of 50k
  • Complete autoset, FFT, MATH, V/T/Phase cursors, 18 automatic measurements
  • Logger, harmonic analyzer and Ethernet port available as options
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 170x270x190mm - Weight: 2.5kg


Hãng sản xuất Chauvin Arnoux, xuất xứ Pháp.

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