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Thiết bị đo hiển thị dạng sóng MTX 3354

Part of the MTX Compact range, the MTX 3354 is equipped with SPO (Smart Persistence Oscilloscope) acquisition and display. This principle combines the advantages of analogue and digital oscilloscopes.
It allows display and acquisition to be managed in parallel, while offering the possibility of increasing the acquisition rate to several tens of thousands per second. With SPO, users can detect brief events, instabilities or unexpected anomalies.
This new oscilloscope also offers advanced triggering modes: edge, pulse width, TV signal, edge trigger with delay and edge trigger with event counting.
Other functions:
- Scaling on all four channels with direct reading and the physical unit of the signal
- Mathematical editor for editing four complex functions
- "Winzoom" vertical and horizontal trace zoom function
- 31-order harmonic analysis
- Digital recorder
- Control interface in 5 languages and multilingual help documentation
- Communication interfaces: RS232, Centronics, USB, Ethernet with HTML server

Hãng sản xuất Chauvin Arnoux, xuất xứ Pháp.

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