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Bộ đo thí nghiệm đa năng MX556

This multimeter will appeal to users in the research or telecommunications sectors, industrial departments or training. Its innovative resistive power function deserves particular attention. For example, after selecting the reference value of the resistance between 1 and 9,999Ω, the multimeter can display the audio power.

  • 50,000 counts
  • 100kHz
  • 1 channel
  • Supertwist LCD screen + 34-segment bargraph
  • DC voltage 500mV to 1,000V
  • Basic accuracy 0.025%R+2D
  • AC voltage 500mV to 750V
  • TRMS AC, AC + DC measurement
  • Bandwidth from 0 to 100 kHz
  • DC current from 500µA to 10A
  • AC current from 500µA to 10A
  • Resistance from 500Ω to 50MΩ
  • Functions: Min/Max./AVG, metering of events, pulse widths and resistive power
  • Data acquisition software available as an option
  • RS232 link
  • Safety: IEC 61010 Cat.III, 600V - Cat.II,1,000V

Hãng sản xuất Chauvin Arnoux, xuất xứ Pháp.

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