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Thiết bị đo Ampe cho giảng dạy và trình bày CA 401

From the CA 400 series of testers for teaching purposes, the C.A 401 analogue AC/DC tester is a sturdy, simple tool which is extremely safe to use. Perfectly suitable for teaching purposes and laboratory requirements, the C.A 401 combines accuracy and reliability with extensive electronic and mechanical safety.

  • 11 DC calibres: 100µA to 10A
  • 7 AC calibres: 10mA to 10 A
  • One 100mV DC calibre for shunts
  • 1A HRC and 10A HRC fuses
  • Single switch
  • Safety sockets
  • Dual insulation


Hãng sản xuất Chauvin Arnoux, xuất xứ Pháp.

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