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Camera hồng ngoại đo bức xạ nhiệt CA 1877

To improve comfort or optimize a building's energy performance, thermal cameras are powerful tools capable of detecting faults and irregularities related to thermal bridges, thermal insulation, etc.

Other applications
Industrial maintenance and repairCamera hồng ngoại đo bức xạ nhiệt CA 1877
- Overloads
- Unbalances
- Faulty electrical contacts
Mechanical and electrical applications

Technical specifications
Thermal sensitivity: 0.08 °C at 30 °C
Dynamic range for measurement: from -20 °C to 250 °C
Detector: 80 x 60
Field of view: 10° x 8°
Min. foc. distance: 10 cm
Memory: Storage of up to 1,000 thermal images
Protection: IP54

Hãng sản xuất Chauvin Arnoux, xuất xứ Pháp.

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